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Uptown’s yoga studio is welcoming, eclectic, fresh, diverse and vigorous in nature.

HeartYoga has a unique take on vinyasa which allows students to flow at their own pace within ever-changing “take it, leave it, or modify it” sequences structured by our passionate teachers. This freedom of expression and movement with breath empowers students to explore what it means to be truly authentic and work beyond their ordinary limits in order to live more vibrant, loving and engaged lives.

If you’re ready to try something new, HeartYoga will take your practice to a deeper level. Come be a part of a growing community where the city’s yoga teachers practice alongside yogis of all backgrounds and levels.

Studio Closure

CLASS SCHEDULE Week of September 20th, 2020 (CST)


Peaceful and powerful vibrations are waiting for you…

Interesting studies have shown a correlation between a threshold percentage of the population in an area meditating and the entire place becoming less violent. https://research.miu.edu/maharishi-effect/summary-of-13-published-studies. Perhaps it is just wishful thinking, but we certainly have nothing to lose and so much to gain!
Come be a part of a critical mass for healing!

The link for the Zoom classes is below, and Jason teaches all classes unless otherwise marked.
(See below for the Outdoor Yoga class info).

All classes are donation based with a $5-$30 suggested donation range for 60 minute classes.
All classes are donation-based ($5-$30 suggested). We use Venmo for donations. Everyone welcome ❤️

Meeting ID: 952 929 7320

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Meditation Schedule Week of September 20th, 2020 (CST)


Don’t know how to meditate? Don’t think you can sit still for 5 minutes, let alone 60? No worries. Each meditation session is guided with simple instructions you will be able to follow. Also if you can do a yoga practice for an hour you can meditate for one. You’ll be surprised at how well you do and how good you will feel at the end.

All you need to do to register for the challenge is make a commitment to yourself and reply to this email to tell us “I’m in!”

This could be a radical and wonderful month for you! Especially if quarantine life has zapped your positive momentum!
We’ll have a ton of meditation classes on our schedule this month.
We”ll be sending out the days and times for next week soon.

Classes on Zoom are donation based. So if money’s tight just pay what you can.

Any contribution is much appreciated! It helps us continue to share yoga and meditation during the current COVID crisis.
Find us on Venmo: https://venmo.com/Heart-Yoga

The Zoom meetings open up 15 minutes or so before class. Reply to this email if you have problems signing in.
Everyone is welcome.

Meeting ID: 952 929 7320

OUTDOOR YOGA Sunday, September 20th, 2020


Join us for yoga by the Minnehaha Creek!

We meet just off E. Minnehaha Parkway and a little south of 50th St.
The place we use has wonderful energy and is a great environment for yoga.

There’s plenty of room to maintain social distancing.
Parking is easy right on E. Minnehaha Parkway. FYI there is no restroom nearby.

The greenspace is right across the street from the house number 322. 
(This home is not affiliated with HeartYoga, just a reference point).

Email us with your cell number if you have a hard time finding us.

We will hold class on Zoom if the weather turns rainy, but it should be perfect weather.

$5-$30 suggested donation.
Find us on Venmo to contribute: https://venmo.com/Heart-Yoga

Everyone is welcome.

322 E. Minnehaha Parkway (across from this address)

New Moon–New Adventures!
2 hour in Studio Hot Vinyasa
Thursday 9/17/20 at 6:30pm!


See You Thursday Night!

Just 3 spots left for a special 2 hour hot vinyasa with Jason!

Thursday 9/17 is this month’s new moon.
The new moon is a time to start fresh and set your intentions in motion. Join us!

Class goes from 6:30-8:30pm. Kindly wear your mask before and after class at the studio.
Also bring your own yoga mat and do not come if symptomatic.

$40 gets you a spot. This will fill up quick!

Everyone is welcome.

Click the button below to register.



Jason Hulshof

For Jason, every yoga practice is a journey toward the heart; an attempt to uncover our deepest and most beautiful self. Guided by this belief, Jason left the security of a corporate job to found HeartYoga. With over 18 years of teaching experience, Jason wakes up each day with a burning desire to share his passion with others. Intense, yet compassionate, his style is aimed at yogis seeking love, strength, clarity, and joy.

Lejla Mujić

lejla_Mujić 2

To Lejla, yoga is personal. It is a grounding and liberating practice that gives the practitioner an insight to their truest self.

She believes that we all have gifts that can change the world that can be unlocked through yoga.

Being a busy college student and an active creative person on a mission; yoga is how she ties everything together and stays grounded. She is continuously moved and transformed by the benefits her own personal practice and wants to share the same gift with the world.

Sean Durkin


Community is what drives Sean. Meeting new people and taking in diverse perspectives motivate him to ascend. Bringing a unique outlook, along with direction from his personal practice, Sean strives to use this experience to inspire others.

Kate Swazee


Yoga provided the resilience and courage necessary for Kate to shatter the limiting beliefs she held about herself. By exploring the instinctual desire to move freely and making challenge a conscious effort in the practice, yoga took Kate to a new realm of freedom in both body and mind. It’s her desire to get you there too.

Eva Skillings


As a former classical ballet dancer, Eva was first drawn to yoga for the physical movement. After discovering how healing it can be both physically and mentally, she found an internal strength and freedom through her practice. The growth that she sees and experiences daily inspires her to help others see the light in going somewhere unknown and discovering something new about themselves.

Brent Dare


Brent has been an enthusiastic yoga practitioner for 3 years, all the while believing that yoga is not the answer, but simply one key to a doorway. A doorway that leads to clarity, liberty, and genuine peace.

Brent is an adventurous fellow who includes yoga to help in other endeavors such as climbing, snowboarding, and quests yet to be determined.

It only takes a few degrees to change a ship’s final destination.

JT Myers

“If somebody is waking for the first time from a deep sleep, she might see the midnight stars. But if she waits long enough without going back to sleep, she will begin to see not only stars, but the dawn, then the sunrise, and then the whole landscape being lit by a brilliant light coming from the sky. She will begin to see her hands, her palms, her toes, and she will also begin to see her tables, her chairs, and the world around her. And if she is clever enough to look at a mirror, she will see herself as well.”
Chögyam Trungpa

Robyn Connelly


Robyn believes that yoga is a pathway to connection, first with oneself and second with others. She is passionate about seeking balance between yin and yang energies to live in peace. Robyn would love to pass along these gifts through a consistent yoga practice with you.

Niki Adili

Niki Adili

I’m a young yogini who found yoga couple of years ago, from a class I accidentally joined that changed my life forever. Yoga brought the light I needed when I was lost in the dark. My mat has been, and will continue to be the space where I process, where I integrate, where I release old patterns, and where I build a foundation of new beginnings. I share the practice I am passionate about with others to lead them through finding their right direction by being more mindful and intentional with everything they do from the moment they open their eyes in the morning till they fall asleep again at night. Every single choice, every single thought, and every single breath counts. Once you become more aware to your surroundings, old patterns, and habits then you get to experience the magic of choice. My life will forever be a work in progress and I will forever be a student of this precious practice.


Each day on your mat is a beautiful opportunity to pour your heart into your practice whether it is your first day in yoga or your 5,000th practice. Although our classes can be physically demanding, HeartYoga is a safe space to be as you are. All of our classes are breathing classes first; everything else is secondary. All are welcome!

Follow the Yogi

Set in a calm, quiet room, Follow the Yogi is a series of powerful, ancient postures that support strength and vibrancy within.  This is a chance to practice along with your teacher and create a communal yoga spirit.  If you seek to begin each day with wonder, join us for this hot class.  Keep in mind instruction is minimal and this class is not appropriate for first-time yoga students.

Hot Vinyasa

Hot Vinyasa is an invigorating class of flowing postures to inspiring, upbeat music.  If you are looking to go beyond the ordinary and light your fire, this class is for you!  You will get HOT!

Deep Vinyasa

Deep Vinyasa is a slower sequence that encourages moving inward. Through feeling postures with the eyes closed, we explore the healing connection between mind and body.  This is a warm/hot class.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a meditative class where postures are held for 5-10 minutes in a warm room. This creates a profound release of the body’s connective tissue—like deep calming bodywork.  It’s a wonderful practice for those seeking peace and inner quiet.

Meditation Period

For those who wish to learn to meditate or deepen their current practice.  The teacher begins the hour with some simple instructions and may offer more guidance throughout the hour depending on the students’ level of experience.  Students should bring their own meditation cushion as props are very limited.  This is free class open to the community. 

Ashtanga Vinyasa Short-Form

The Short-Form is an adaptation of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in a hot room.  In this class you have time to breath into postures – we often hold them for 5 breaths. This develops an intuitive understanding of how your body can embrace these ancient shapes.

Community Yoga

This class open to the community offered at no charge, and are taught by our teachers in training. Come support their growth and build your practice!

The class format may changed based on the what format the trainee is working with, but it will always be a chance to get out of your head, move into your body and find greater balance/wholeness.

Donations appreciated and accepted after class, give whatever your heart calls you to give–financial or otherwise.




Yoga is the art of making connections and if you’ve felt your practice connect you more deeply to yourself and others, our teacher training program is for you. In it you have the opportunity to devote the time and energy necessary to bring about deep personal change. Students finish the training more loving, more present, more vibrant, and more able to share the gifts of their practice with others.

It is first and foremost a program of personal development. This is accomplished through 5 daily disciplines:

  • A regular meditation practice
  • A regular posture practice
  • Mindful eating
  • Gratitude journal
  • Acts of Kindness

These disciplines form the driving force of your training. However, they are just the beginning. Through lecture, discussion, reading and experiential work you gain an understanding of yoga’s origins, the key elements of its theory and philosophy, and how it works to bring about transformation. You also learn and practice the skills to teach yoga as well. We use this as a tool for you to deepen your relationship with yourself and your ability to make connections with others.

Some students choose to become teachers in the community after the training (we are a Yoga Alliance registered school), but our ultimate aim in sharing the art of teaching is that all our students become better listeners, more truthful communicators and more powerful human beings. This happens whether or not you ever teach an official yoga class. If this sounds good to you, here are the next opportunities to join us:


Fall 2020 – 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Dates:  9/23-12/19/2020
Days and Times:  Mondays & Wednesday 6pm-9pm and Saturday 8am-5pm. There will also be three Sunday afternoons from 12-4:30pm on 10/4, 11/1 & 12/6.

Course Outline: We begin with Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga as the foundation of your teaching skills, progress to teaching meditation and conclude with in-depth time in learning to teach Hot Vinyasa. 

Tuition: $2995 if paid in full. We also have an early-bird discount of $250 if paid in full by 8/31.

There are two payment plans available as well: 3 monthly payments of $1100 or 12 monthly payments of $300. All payment options include unlimited access to Zoom classes and meditation until 12/31/20. Financial aid available based on need.

I’ve had the honor of being a part of leading these trainings for 19 years now and it’s such a wonderful experience.
I’d love to share it with you!  Metta, Jason

Contact info@heartyogaonline.com for more information.

Past Retreats Sedona Yoga Retreat - Nov 7-11, 2019

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Hello again HeartYoga community,
After further consideration of the most recent data on the coronavirus and its ability to spread while an individual remains asymptomatic, we have changed our view and will be shutting down effective immediately and plan to remain closed until further notice.
HeartYoga is just too small a place for us to not come into close contact with one another. Even with a real effort to be hygienic, it is possible someone could unwittingly be infected and pass on the virus to other teachers or students, and they in turn could do the same outside the studio.
Even with all the tremendous benefits an in-person yoga practice provides, we can’t take this risk.
In the meantime we will suspend all auto-pay memberships, and once we know the exact duration of the suspension, we will extend any package expiration dates to reflect that lost time. If you have questions about how this will effect your membership simply email us.
Also keep your eyes peeled for online content to keep both your meditation and practice going. We will be sharing it via our website, social media and email. In case you missed it in our last email here is a link to me teaching a short form ashtanga class: https://youtu.be/il2R_Ax0YwE It is a great home practice.
We appreciate your understanding and support during these times and still will be working to help you emerge from this crisis with your health and happiness intact.
Much love to you all,
Jason Hulshof
HeartYoga Founder

Zoom Class Schedule WED 4/1/20 (CST)


1408 W. Lake St. #B Minneapolis, MN 55408