Teacher Training

In our yoga journey there comes a point when yoga touches your heart deeply and you feel the call to share it. HeartYoga’s teacher training program will give you the skills, confidence, and support to share yoga with others. Whether you’re just beginning your teaching journey or on the path to greater mastery, we have a program that can help you. Our head teacher, Jason Hulshof has over 20 years experience training teachers and will empower you to teach yoga from your heart.

Our Training Philosophy

Yoga is an ancient practice that embodies many deep and liberating concepts. Our teacher training is designed to give you the intellectual understanding of these concepts, but even more importantly to give you the experience of them both in your own practice and in your teaching. This experience is the bedrock of your confidence, compassion, and connection with your students while you lead a yoga class. Everything you learn in your training will not just be head knowledge; it will be heart knowledge– knowledge that stems from your lived and breathed experience.

HeartYoga is a vinyasa yoga school. Vinyasa yoga is the yoga of creating a flow of breath and movement. And although vinyasa yoga is a modern interpretation of the yoga tradition, our training will make it crystal clear how to honor the aim and the benefits of that tradition in this more contemporary form. In any of our training programs you’ll learn how yoga’s ancient roots are still connected to our method of vinyasa practice.

We have a program to help any yoga teacher grow.

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

This is the training for those beginning their yoga teaching journey. In it you will learn to teach the foundation of our vinyasa yoga method, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Any master artist begins with mastering the fundamentals. Your training in this format will ensure your teaching fundamentals are strong. From there you’ll move on to our two forms of vinyasa yoga, hot vinyasa and deep vinyasa. One is more vigorous and dynamic, the other is more calming and internal, both will immerse your students in the flow of breath and posture. By the end of this training you will have the capacity to share this “flow” with your students.

Download the PDF for more information by clicking here.

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

The journey continues! Our 300-Hour Vinyasa Mastery Program is for those that have already completed a 200-Hour YTT with us or another yoga school. In it you will take a deep dive into the seven doorways of vinyasa, a system of teaching theory and practice that Jason learned many years ago from his teacher, Jonny Kest. Through readings, lectures and discussions, practice teaching, experiential work, and a loving community you’ll bring these doorways to life in your mind, body, heart, and spirit. As they come to life within you, you become a conduit of yoga’s healing potential. If you are ready to take your teaching to another level, this is the program for you.

For more information, download the 300-hour YTT brochure.

Continuing Education Programs

As we keep teaching, we need new information and inspiration to stay fresh and passionate as teachers. These programs which are anywhere from 3 to 30 hours are the perfect opportunity to give your teaching new energy. Whether it’s breathwork, sequencing mastery, yoga philosophy, or the science of thriving: these programs will give you more to share with your students. The greatest teacher always remains a student. Join us!

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