So beginner yogi here: I’ve been to classes once or twice previously back home in Rhode Island and have had a negative experience so let’s make sure to paint the picture of me being more adverse than the “normal joe” to loving yoga. HOWEVER, this class has kinda changed my life. Jason is extremely calming and a great leader both physically and spiritually as he guides you through his Hot Vinyasa yoga class. I’m in a transitionary period in my life and finding Jason and his studio has been a huge blessing. In just 3 weeks of me going to Heart Yoga’s classes, I’ve been given the power to listen to my intuition & inner teacher and finally close some doors I had been struggling to close once and for all, previously. Every class I leave feeling awakened and more sure of listening “me” as I navigate life. I’ve also been waking up and starting my weekend days with Heart Yoga’s classes and it’s been setting up my weekend days ready for an active and balanced day. Physically, I feel stronger and I’m starting to see results, as I’m learning the style and seeing the benefits in my physique, and benefits of the breath of work on my mental clarity and calmness. Jason and his wife, Lisa, are so kind and they both have amazing energy that is extremely contagious and welcoming. I guarantee you won’t regret opening the door to this studio, and may be pulled back for more, unexpectedly, like me. Jason’s voice is so calming and he lets you do the steps independently with guidance and surety while he helps build your confidence with his relaxed nature that you are changing for the better with one little step at a time, which often makes me feel a bubble of emotion and happiness amongst my work outs (yes I’ve cried happy tears here as well as tears that I’m on the right path and to keep going). I’ve started recommending the class to loved ones, to share the work, and I have met incredible souls at the studio in a short time. Hope to see you there!!!! I love ❤️ YOGA